Trust Neverland.

October 3, 2023

Angela, the great-granddaughter of Peter Pan, is dying. 

Doctors have given up hope, but her mother, raised on tales of a magical land of eternal youth, is not done fighting. In a desperate attempt to save her thirteen-year-old daughter, she sends a reluctant Angela off toward the second star to the right and straight on till morning.

How My Writing Life Can Help You

Whether you just need some short, snackable stories to fit in your busy schedule, or you want to use writing to face trauma or a hard past...I can help. 

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Snackable Fiction

Bite-size stories told in about 1,000 words. Think you don't have time to read? You do. 

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I offer workshops on breaking through writer's block or using fiction to face hard truths. 

Stories About Grief, Family, & Addiction

Through flash fiction, I tell the stories of living with an alcoholic father. His struggles, our struggles, and how his life has impacted mine. 

What Readers Say About My Books

I am always amazed when I read Allison Spooner's work. She has the knack for a gut-punch twist ending and manages to build up characters and turn them upside down on their heads all in the space of a thousand words.

Allison Spooner's trademark is being able to make you laugh, gasp, and tear up--often within the same 1,000-word story. She *sees* people in a way that you didn't realize people could be seen.

I assure you that you will be immersed from the start, and still thinking about the content long after you have completed each of these short stories!

Ready For More of My Work?

Ready to relish in tales that dance on the edge of darkness and shine light into the shadow? Looking for stories that will both break your heart and make you smile? 

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