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It’s summer. Whether you’re spending every waking minute by the water or running to a lake whenever you can get a little time off work, the beach is calling.

Do you just throw on some shorts and go?

Beach, Please!

You want to look fabulous….but also not like you’re trying to look fabulous. You also want to be beach comfortable. That means you don’t want to be sweaty and gross.

You want loose, flowly clothing that coordinates with your suit and might even look cute with a hat to protect your hair from the sun. You also don’t want to spend a ton of time getting dressed. There is precious little daylight in the brief, Mid-West summer and you want to soak it in all in.

So, I did the work for you. Here are some beach-ready outfits for when you want to soak in the sun and look fabulous doing it.

Beach Ready Outfits

The Julian Maxi

This baby is the most versatile piece of beach clothing you could ask for. Wear it has a cover-up, a dress, or a skirt. You can even add a t-shirt when it gets cooler or once you’ve had enough sun (is that even possible?).

The Sunnyvale

The Sunnyvale is a sundress to the max. Flowy and cool, it’s the perfect bathing suit companion or just a cool dress for a sunny day.

The Bradbury

The Bradbury is your stylish beach buddy. A tank dress, you can throw it over your suit and wear it long, or tie it up on a hot day. You can also wear it when you take a break to go wine-tasting.

Ready to start shopping and then hit the beach? Get these looks right in the Piphany app.

Or, shoot me a message if you have questions.

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